outsource |ˈoutˌsôrs|
verb [ with obj. ]

• contract (work) out or abroad:  you may choose to outsource this function to another company or do it yourself.
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moonlight draughting

Moonlight Draughting is a freelance provider of 2D & 3D drawing, drafting, 3D visualization and remote access file viewing services.  We deliver tailored solutions to leading Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and Building Services Consultants.  Whether you are looking to outsource all of your CAD work, or are seeking to manage peak times in your workflow, Moonlight Draughting is available to assist.

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MOONLIGHT DRAUGHTING is a studio dedicated to the design permeant and ephemeral spaces designed with design, architecture, graphics, animation, and art.  The studio is headed by Jasen Langley, an artist designer, draftsman, inventor, thinker, and a student in essences of following an architectural degree.

MOONLIGHT DRAUGHTING was founded in Arkansas during 2003 by Jasen Langley.  While working in firms, he would hear employers mention that they would find people “moonlighting” in their off hours to add on to their financial income.  Jasen decided to give it a try for himself.  While working for firms he would offer assistance on the side to individuals needing help as a side business.  After moving to Iowa to marry his bride, he dropped the side business and worked for a surveyor, an engineer, and finally for a local architect. 

In August of 2013, he turned in his resignation with the firm and decided to return to his Moonlight Draughting as a full time business. Since the beginning of Moonlight, Jasen has believed in process over style and have taken architectural directions from a desire to deliver interesting and highly crafted pieces of work with intellectual rigor, creativity, experimentation, innovation, continual dialogue, having an understanding of technologies and change.  From drafting tables to CAD directly to BIM, Jasen enjoys the activity of construction and the art of building a very direct relationships with his clients.

Jasen is committed to the design process of

making drawings and illustrations have the detailed imaging that the final product will reflect.

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MOONLIGHT DRAUGHTING Currently providing services OR previously provided

The studio has worked on several architectural and design projects for various clients.  From time to time, it also participates in designs of residential and graphical projects.

The studio offers an array of services, design and construction drawings, preliminary designs, and training.

We approach design and collaborations from all scales and perspectives.

Moonlight Draughting is a drafting and design studio based in Des Moines, Iowa area.

Moonlight Draughting’s approach to drafting and design allows the work to respond to advancing knowledge and technology applications in driving the studio forward as a thriving business.