the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.




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logo designs

Logos do not need to be created just to market your businesses.  Family or group events can also be made more exciting with a specialized logo to unify your group.  The Langley Racing logo was created for our kids’ Awana Grand Prix (Pinewood Derby) at church.  They loved having their own custom shirts to wear for the big day and received many comments from friends.  Using logos is a great way to make events more exciting for everyone!

If you are in need of a method to get your name out there, a unique logo created just for your business is a great marketing tool.  We were asked to design a logo for Survival Outfitters Co. and all of the information we were given was that they wanted a mountain scene and they gave me the colors desired for the logo.  We came up with the logo shown below and the customer was completely satisfied!  We are able to place the logo on any kind of merchandise for you to get an idea of what your logo can be best used for in the marketing department. 

Brochures are a great marketing tool that can get your company name around for recognition.  The best aspect of a brochure is that it can be used many ways to fit your personal needs.  You can use a brochure to showcase several areas that your business excels or to target one main area that you specialize in.  The top example shows a brochure created for a local architect to send out to area churches that might be interested in remodeling or rebuilding.  The lower example is our personal brochure that was created to showcase several areas in which we are able to assist businesses in the architectural field.

brochure designs

dvd designs

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company logo

company business card

company logo

If you are looking for that one visual aid that will just push your presentation over the top, let us recommend an animated presentation showing your final product.  I was able to create a unique video for the presentation of the new John Wayne museum that was used to show a group of attendees at a fundraiser the complete outside design of what the new museum would look like when completed.  We also designed a unique cover for the movie case and included a rendering of the front of the museum for extra visual aids for the presentation.  

DVD’s can be used for fundraisers or for personal  keepsakes.  Consider using one for your projects!